Asset & Debt Division

One of the key steps in any Colorado Divorce is the process known as Property Division. The Parties must identify all of the property in the marital estate and determine the status, value, and proper division of the property during the divorce process.

Four Step Process in Property Division

Property Division in your Colorado Divorce consists of a four step process, including identifying the property owned by the parties, valuing the property, designating the property as separate or marital, and for marital property, allocating it among the parties. It is important to know that Property Division, or the division of assets and debts in a Colorado Divorce, does not need to be equal, it needs to be equitable, meaning just and fair. At Elevated Family Law, we are experienced at working with families to properly assess the marital estate, determine how the property should be fairly and equitably divided among the parties, and advocating for our clients to help them achieve their longterm goals for their post divorce life.

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