Enforcing Child Support Orders

Are you having difficulties getting the other parent to comply with the Court’s child support orders?  Has the other parent refused to pay ordered child support, leaving you with the full financial responsibility to provide for your child?

There are steps you can take to request assistance from the Court when Child Support orders are being violated. 

Contempt of Court

A parent can be held in Contempt of Court for violating a Child Support Order. The legal process for filing for contempt can be complicated. Different remedies are available to help bring the violating parent into compliance with the Court’s orders.

Two forms of Contempt, Remedial Contempt and Punitive Contempt, can be pursued by a parent seeking the Court’s assistance when a parent is not in compliance. The standards and remedies available through each are different and should be considered in tandem to determine what approach will result in compliance with the Court’s Orders.

Other Options

When a parent violating child support orders is employed, you may ask the Court to enter an income withholding order, which requires the parent’s employer to garnish their wages for submission to Child Support Enforcement.

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