Fort Collins and Greeley Child Custody Child Custody Evaluations

When important issues come up in a child’s life, parents must come together and make decisions to meet their children’s needs. What happens when parents are unable to agree on how the important issues should be resolved?   

In such cases, it is often necessary for the court to appoint a child custody evaluator. Such an evaluator is an expert appointed by the Court to evaluate the case matter, analyze the relevant issues in dispute, and to make recommendations to the Court about what will be in the best interest of the child. 

In Colorado, two types of custody evaluators can be appointed by the Court, a Child and Family Investigator (CFI), and a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator (PRE).

During the evaluations, a custody evaluator will have opportunities to meet the children, interview the parents, evaluate the circumstances of both parent’s homes, interact with and discuss relevant issues with important individuals in the children’s lives, such as teachers or counselors to assess the merits of the proposals proferred by both sides and to make recommendations to the court. 

Where a psychological evaluation is necessary or more complex issues such as relocations, mental health needs, substance abuse concerns, or other complicated factors, the Court will likely appoint a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator to engage in a much more in-depth analysis of the complex issues in the case. 

Working with a custody evaluator during a Child Custody Evaluation can be a complex process as the evaluator does not serve the needs of either parent but becomes an investigative arm of the Court to gather information and make recommendations for the Court.

Everything you say and do during the evaluation process will form part of the investigation, the evaluator’s report, and the recommendations they make to the Court. Each of these elements could have profound implications for the outcome of your case and longterm effects on your relationship with your children. 

You want an experienced legal team by your side that knows the law, understands the legal standards the Court must apply in evaluating what is in the best interest of your child, and how to maximize the process to achieve the goals you have set out in your case.

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