Settlement Options

Numerous options are available during a custody or divorce case to help parties reach resolutions without the costly, timely, and emotionally taxing process of going through a final trial. 

Your Colorado Divorce attorney at Elevated Family Law is dedicated to helping you reach resolutions in your Fort Collins Divorce and Greeley Divorce case without the need for contracted litigation.

Our Fort Collins divorce and Greeley divorce attorney advocates for the use of alternative dispute resolution processes including Mediation, Early Neutral Assessment, Negotiation, and Settlement conferences. With Advanced Training and Certifications  from the Dispute Resolution Institute, our Colorado divorce Attorney can help you navigate your divorce and child custody process to maximize your chances of avoiding costly and contentious litigation.

While many individuals believe that going through a divorce or custody matter requires reaching a final trial at the end of the process, this isn’t your only option. In fact, statistics show the majority of cases are settled before ever reaching a final trial. 

The benefits of settlement are clear. When you reach a final trial the dispute and the options available are placed in the hands of an external decision maker, the judge. When a judge makes a final decision on your case, the power is taken completely out of your hands and you may be left with a result that is difficult to live with. 

When opportunities arise to resolve your case matter outside of trial, we will work by your side to help you achieve your case goals without pushing for litigation. 

Most parties prefer to reach settlement agreements that provide for some control over the process, and allow them to make decisions about how they want to resolve your case.

While we will be prepared to advance your case through litigation to a final trial when that becomes necessary, we will work every step of the way to help you reach case resolutions through negotiation and settlement for your longterm benefit and your children’s best interests. 

We know the law and understand your options for case management, both with litigation and other strategies for Alternative Dispute Resolution that can help to keep you and the other party out of the Courtroom. Contact Elevated Family Law today for a free consultation. Let us help you with your Child Custody and Divorce case process. (970)797-4757.