Maintenance / Spousal Support

Spousal support, known in Colorado as maintenance, is an award of financial support from one spouse to another spouse either during your divorce proceedings or after the divorce is concluded. Multiple factors are analyzed to determine whether an award of maintenance is proper and necessary under the unique facts of your case. Some of these factors include, the past and current employment of the parties, the income differences between the parties, whether one party can demonstrate reasonable need for support from their spouse as well as a difficulty in meeting their own reasonable needs in the post divorce period.  

Other important factors include whether one party contributed to the marital estate by caring for the home and providing for the children’s needs as a homemaker. Such factors, and multiple others, must be analyzed and weighed before the Court will enter an award of maintenance in any Colorado divorce case. 

At Elevated Family Law we are experienced in analyzing complex issues of spousal support, both for the receiving spouse where an award of maintenance is requested, as well as on the side of the higher income earning spouse being asked to provide a maintenance support to their soon-to-be ex-spouse. 

Maintenance is a complex issue based on the unique factors of each individual case. If not managed properly, a person may leave the door open for decades of potential support being paid to your former spouse, or alternatively, may close the door to the future option of spousal support if you find yourself in need of financial support in the years following the conclusion of your divorce. 

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